The story behind “Beacon”

Beacon is special to me. I have put more hours into this track than any other by a longshot, and for multiple reasons.

To start at the beginning, it was originally set to be an instrumental. The intro features these pluck-like blips and I thought, “this sounds like a pinging beacon, I’ll just name it that for the time being”. It was only going to be a working title. The original drop was eventually completely scratched to make way for what is there now, and many other sections have been tweaked to no end.

I cannot fully recall where the idea to bring in vocals came from but I am really stoked that Ellie and I worked them in. Without going into too much detail, some recent personal life events involving one of my closest friends sort of ignited the idea of feeling lost and looking for this beacon of hope.

Here are the lyrics:

Ellie and I worked together over two writing sessions and knocked out the entirety of the lyrics fairly quickly. This was my first time processing raw vocals and while there’s always room for improvement, I feel like I did alright after getting some feedback, and definitely learned a lot along the way.

Seven Lions is a huge inspiration for me, and I think it is probably most evident in this track out of any. There are break beats, growling basses, massive drops that include a half-time section for those who enjoy their headbanging, and of course, Ellie’s solemn female vocals. I had an absolute blast writing this one and I hope to create something in a similar vein in the near future.